51 Months

PicMonkey Collage 51 monthsHi lover! Today is 51 months with Mr. Roberto! Sometimes, we have mini photoshoots with crazy-faced selfies and it is truly hysterical. I love making collages of our many faces. Right now life is chaotic for us. But that’s life, we need trying times, to truly appreciate the happy and perfect moments. I strongly believe that bumps along-any-relationships’-road is the key to growth.

To keep things fun, I thought of doing a 5 +1 questionnaire for BJ so you can see how different/similar we are. I did come up with these questions but I decided to answer them before I read Bobs’ answers so I would not be biased. I hope you enjoy!

1. What is your favorite color?
Bob: My favorite color is blue because it reminds me of the sky and the ocean.
Jess: Mint/Turquoise

2. If you could go anywhere in the world, right now, where would it be? (First place that comes to mind)

B: I would go to Paris with Jessica because I have always wanted to go to Europe and I know we would have an amazing time there.
J: Paris! I wana visit the city of love with my lover!!! (and gaze at the Eiffel Tower)

3. What is one of your favorite home cooked meals and who makes it?

B: One of my favorite home cooked meals is Huevos Rancheros made by my Dad.
J: Touchdown {the original, maybe extra cheesy version) by Ramon Suarez (my amazing father in law)

4. What is one random memory you have with Jessica/Roberto?

B: I remember going to the drive-in movie theater with Jessica and having a blast that day.
J: Having a university class together, driving into school, staring up at the perfect summer sky on a Tuesday and saying how we should really be at the beach. Then driving to the beach and having the best day ever! Not a care in the world while we play hookey 🙂

5. What is your current favorite restaurant in Miami?

B: Currently I would have to say that its a tie between Swine and Latin House. (Hardest question on the list!)
J: At the present moment, it is Swine in Coral Gables. 😉 {last restaurant we tried out- Bob did a review on his blog}

6. If you could create your perfect cocktail right now, what would be in it?

B: Bourbon, muddled orange and cherries, cane sugar and a touch of bitters.

J: White wine, Saint Germain Liquor, a hint of Sprite, some Acai flavors & 3 cherries on top 😉



Love Organizing : My Desk

PicMonkey Collage deskHi lovey! Today I will show you some major “spring cleaning” that I did to my desk. It tends to get messy and cluttered very quickly here because of excess papers and supplies. Below are two more pictures of my disaster (please pardon the mess!).

room and ootd 004 room and ootd 005The first and obvious step was to throw away all paper trash, like old receipts and mail. My goal for this reorganization was to have a more esthetically pleasing desk and to find a new home to all items that were just sitting clutter. To do this, I found these tips helpful:

  • I had a lot of important chargers and cables lying around, therefore I decided to store them in a recycled candle holder. By having them neatly inside this clear container, they instantly look better! (Notice below in the picture, towards the right side of my desk)
  • I love, love, love books! I am actually running out of storage space for them 😦 so by having them placed vertically along the sides of the desk, it also cleared up more space.
  • Anything that did not belong in this area, such as car wax cleaners and gifts for a friend, was moved to where it should be.

desk after 002 desk after 003 desk after 004 desk after 005My desk happens to be the largest piece of furniture in my room (aside from my bed) so this clean up has made my room look a hundred times better! I love the changes that these organization projects bring into my everyday life. Thank you for reading!

All my love,


Gingham Love

ootd 065 ootd 068 ootd 066 ootd 073Outfit Details: Shirt- American Rag via Macy’s, Jeans- Zara, Necklace- (very old- can’t remember), Shoes- Aldo

Hi lover! Today’s outfit contains another favorite print of mine, gingham! It’s perfect for layering in the colder months and great for pairing with other colors and patterns during warmer months. I also love this shirt because of the details in the buttons along the back side.

I decided to pair it with my baby yellow jeans from Zara. Colored jeans were my most bought items last summer and I still love wearing them year round.

I guess gingham + colored denim + pearls = a perfect combination for me ;). How do you pair your gingham?

All my love,


Minty Lace

room and ootd 090 room and ootd 089 room and ootd 093 room and ootd 084 room and ootd 083Outfit Details: Shirt- H&M, Jeans- The Limited, Shoes- Steve Madden via DSW, Necklace- J. Crew Factory, Watch- Michele, Sunglasses- Ebay

Hi lovey! I wore this over the weekend, while the weather was very rainy. Whenever it rains, I always prefer to wear closed-toe shoes, so I think my sneaker wedges inspired this outfit.

These jeans from The Limited are very versatile because of the lace pattern. As worn here, I decided to wear them casually with a plain mint t-shirt and wedges. They can easily be paired with a nicer blouse and pointy heels for a night out.

I know some may think the sneaker wedge trend is hideous, but I find them extremely cute and comfortable! Would you give the shoes a try?

All my love,


Weekend Recap

upload on june 23 2014 779Hi lover!! My weekend started last Friday when my boyfriend joined me for lunch at Berries in the Grove. If you want a full review on the restaurant, check out my boyfriend’s blog post here. 🙂

That night, my sister invited us to a Private Concert for the Colombian musician Juanes. He is one of my all time favorite singers, so we were so excited to get to see him as a VIP ;). This was Bobby’s first time seeing him in concert and he was impressed with his sincere love for music and his great talent.

PicMonkey Collage

Saturday night Bobby and I decided to try a new restaurant in Coral Gables (fabulous area in Miami, Florida). While there is a long list of great places to try in this area, we decided to just wing it! We ended up trying (and falling in love with) Swine! Bobby will do a full post on that too, stay tuned.

upload on june 23 2014 826

Sunday we went to brunch at our favorite spot in South Miami, ROK Brgr. It is my favorite because of the food and free, deliciously tastey, Mimosas for women. 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well! It was nice being able to lounge and relax.

All my love,


Happy Friday!

Hi lover! I am so sorry I disappeared this week. I know most of you don’t expect an apology from me but it does break my heart that I did not have a post all week. 😦


I have missed you and this internet space of mine terribly. Life gets in the way sometimes. I had lots of technical difficulties with my camera and last weekend I did not have a single second to work on my posts. But all this means is that next week will be full of fun posts!


I hope you understand and that all of you have been having a fabulous week!! This week has been super rainy in Miami, which I personally LOVE the rain (weird right?). I have also been completely sucked into the book I am reading. It is a trilogy and I am half way through the second book, all in one week.


Enjoy your weekend, see you next week beautiful 😉 All my love,


Pineapple Lovin’

ootd 082ootd 094 ootd 095 ootd 045Outfit Details: Shirt- Target, Pants- True Religion, Blazer- Local Boutique (Electric), Shoes- Tory Burch, Purse & Watch- Michael Kors

Happy Friday lovey!!! Let’s talk for a second about pineapples :). If you have been keeping up with your latest fashion trends, magazines, stores, etc. then you have surely seen the pineapple trend boomin’. At first I was hesitant, since I was once severely allergic to pineapples and ever since I keep my distance from them. But seeing as they are only a simple pattern on my clothes, I’m loving it now!

This cute tee was only $10 at Target! Whenever there are trends that will most likely pass within the next season, a good tip is to always stick to budget friendly options.

This weekend I work both jobs and it will be quite busy. However I am still very excited and hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day with their loved ones! I will be spending the day with my papa and the evening with my other dad (boyfriend’s father). I will be missing my brother terribly, as he lives in Texas.

All my love,